Lively traditional village in the south

The old village of Polichnitos was historically the place of refuge for the surrounding beach villages whenever pirates or enemies appeared.  Previously the town had around 10,000 inhabitants and was at that time the center of a rich olive growing region and the largest market place in the area.

Today with only about 2000 inhabitants, it is still a beautiful village, surrounded by olive groves, orchards and fields. Some houses are empty, but many have been neatly restored. A stroll through the town is strongly recommended; the old cobblestone streets and many beautiful old stone houses with a distinctive style and interesting architectural details are worth seeing.

Polichnitos is ideal for any traveller during or outside the traditional holiday season as an authentic place to stay. Throughout the year the village is full of life and you will find people on the street, taking care of their daily business or enjoying a cup of coffee or ouzo at kafeneia and ouzeries. The shops, tavernas and coffee shops are open all year, providing food and drinks to locals and visitors.

A stay in Polichnitos combines the charm of an authentic little Greek town with its street life and the quietness and secret places of the small cobblestoned backstreets.

One of the landmarks of the town is the storks in the town center on an abandoned chimney of an old olive press.  The storks nest there every year and the youngsters seem to return to the area as well.

The Hot Springs of Polichnitos are well known and highly appreciated by locals and visitors. The facility consists of two bath houses built during the Turkish occupation, modernized more recently, the original ancient buildings, the wells and springs outside and a beautiful old three-arched bridge worth seeing. You also find a little cafe providing drinks and snacks. The healing and relaxing effect of thermal water is remarkable. The clear and odorless water comes out of the ground at a temperature of 67 to 92 degrees. It is rich in minerals and said to be effective against a number of diseases and ailments. The quality of the thermal water is comparable to the famous mineral springs of Wiesbaden in Germany or Bath Spa in England.