Beach settlement at the Gulf of Kalloni

Nifida is a small scattered settlement on the Gulf of Kalloni. The narrow beach of dark sand and gravel is more than one kilometre long with mostly shallow water  – ideal for children and reluctant swimmers. Tamarisk trees grow in many places, offering some shade. There are several tavernas with traditional Greek food right on the quiet waters of the Gulf. Sitting here you can relax over a lazy lunch or just enjoy a drink before or after spending time on the beach, after a trip around the island or a hike through the beautiful landscape. It is a perfect place to watch the sun go down, slowly disappearing behind the mountains. Nifida is also a place for food lovers: the fish taverna O Grigoris is well known for delicious fresh fish. The garden area of Perivola is located just a bit outside of Nifida. In about 4km you reach the fishing village of Skala Polichnitou with its the salt pans and in about 5km the lively little town of Polichnitos.