Circular walk "Achladeri and the waterfalls of Pesa"

Achladeri - Waterfalls - Achladeri

We start our walk at the beach near Achladeri on the Gulf of Kalloni and hike through olive groves slowly uphill. We pass a ridge and continue on a beautiful grassy glade with spectacular views of the Gulf of Kalloni. The path now leads down through olive groves, passing ruins of abandoned stone houses and walls. The area here is still rich in wildlife – well known by the locals - and we find many empty cartridge cases that indicate a favourite hobby of many Greeks. We now turn inland and walk on a dirt road - the Gulf of Kalloni in the background - up to the waterfall of Pesa. The creek has much water, even in summer, with sapphire green and turquoise pools, ideal for a quick bathe. A shaded picnic area under tall pine trees invites you to stay for a while. Here some ice cold drinks are waiting for us. You will for sure appreciate these refreshments after the ascent. We rest some time here, listening to the frogs and watching the many butterflies and dragonflies on the water.

The descent to the coast is easy. On the sandy path we walk back to the Gulf of Kalloni. Through the beautiful, agricultural plain, we hike to the sea and then walk along the quiet waters of the Gulf, back to the starting point.

A short drive brings us in a few minutes to Achladeri. The local taverna is well known for its good, homemade and traditional cuisine. There we enjoy a late lunch.

From the beach you can see the remains of the port facility and houses of ancient Pyrra on a calm day. You can also find stranded fragments of fossilized redwoods here. If you feel like having a swim you can take a dip in the Gulf. Here at the beach, we end the day.

Minimum of 2 people required, start time, meeting point or pick-up from your accommodation upon arrangement.

Price for the hike: 24€ p.p. (5 or more people) or 36€ p.p. (for 2-4 people).

The extra-charge for our exclusive-package (Refreshment at the waterfall, lunch in Achladeri incl. wine or beer and water) is 18€ per person.

Prices for larger groups (>10 people) on request.

(Level of difficulty: Easy)
distance of the hike: 11 km, duration including stops: 6-7 hours