Circular walk "The northwest and the ancient Antissa"

Kambos - Antissa - Kambos

We start our hike in Kambos on the north-west coast of the island of Lesvos. We first head down towards the sea. Our track - a small road with stone walls left and right - is, as so often in Greece, in the winter a raging torrent. In the warmer seasons we can easily walk on the dry riverbed and enjoy the scent of herbs - oregano, rosemary, thyme, lavender - and see fruit orchards with oranges, lemons, pomegranates as well as wild caper bushes. At the beach we turn east and hike on a dirt road in the direction of Antissa. Looking back, we can see the pretty village of Gavathas beyond the sand dunes.

We cross the river Voulgaris and finally come across a hill to Ancient Antissa. The ancient village of Antissa was originally built in the 10th century and is one of the six founding settlements on the island. Repeatedly destroyed, we now find only the ruins of Ovriokastro (fort of the Hebrews), built in the time of the Genoese rule. According to an old legend, the head and lyre of Orpheus was washed up on the beach - still singing and playing.

We no longer hear the lyre playing, but you can sometimes find small, stranded fragments of fossilized sequoia trees on the beach, from the time that the nearby Sigri ancient forest was petrified by volcanic lava.


After we have explored the castle and enjoyed the view, we sit down for a light lunch in one of the beach tavernas.

Now is the time for a relaxing sunbathe and/or swimming at the beautiful sandy beach of Ancient Antissa before we slowly find our way back to Kambos.

Minimum of 2 people required, start time, meeting point or pick-up from your accommodation upon arrangement.

Price for the hike: 26€ p.p. (5 or more people) or 40€ p.p. (for 2-4 people).

The extra-charge for our exclusive-package (Lunch in Ancient Antissa incl. wine or beer and water) is 15€ per person.

Prices for larger groups (>10 people) on request. 

(Level of difficulty: Easy)
distance of the hike: 11 km, duration including stops: 7-8 hours