Day trip "From Gulf to Gulf"

We start our tour and visit the salt pans of Skala Kallonis to see the flamingos and other waterbirds. We reach the temple of Messa, which was in ancient times a sanctuary and was used as a cultic meeting point in the center of the island. When we finish our visit there we continue to Lambou Mili. After a pleasant 30m walk we reach the amazing Roman aqueduct, which is idyllically hidden in the pine forest.

We continue to the quiet water of the Gulf of Gera. In the lovely spa we have the chance to bathe in the hot springs or in the sea.

In the tiny village of Agios Dimitrios we stop for a coffee in one of the authentic tavernas.

We drive through the shady pine forest at the slope of Mount Olympus and reach Pessa. A lovely 20m walk will take us to the waterfall.

The creek has much water, even in summer, with sapphire green and turquoise pools, ideal for a quick bathe.

We rest some time here, listening to the frogs and watching the many butterflies and dragonflies on the water.

Back at the beach we can see on quiet days the remainings of Ancient Pyrrha in the water. Along the coast of the Gulf of Kalloni – also called Aristoteles Lagoon – we return to our starting point.

Costs of this private, guided full-day trip in a 4x4 vehicle is 75 EUR per person (no food/drinks/entrance fees) minimum 2 people. Price for groups on request.

Start time, meeting point or pick-up from your accommodation on arrangement.